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Divine Poetry

Cake Stand

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This three tier cake stand is the perfect gift which will make any party stand out, it has a beautiful pink and white design with golden rims and gold flakes to make it stand out. 

This gorgeous stand is one of a kind!

Please note: It can take up to 5 days to be dispatched due to the resin needing to be set.

Stand will come dismantled, instructions will come in the box on how to assemble.

Dimensions:  (Width x Length x Height)

Top tier-  W 15cm L 15cm H 0.5cm

Middle tier- W 20cm L 20cm  H 0.5cm 

Bottom Tier- W 25cm L 25cm H 0.5cm

Full stand- H 37cm

Weight: 597g


Box Content:

3 x piece plate

1 x Set stand fittings 


Anti slip Rubber bumper feet